full moon party pack

The Full Moon Party is like sex: it is a lot more enjoyable if you don't rush it and add some foreplay. You don't want the experience to be too fast. And most people would agree that packing multiple highlights or experiences in one session is a lot better than doing it only once and in a hurry.

This is why we have prepared a Full Moon Party Pack with two days of "foreplay" featuring some of the best parties on the island, as well as nice beaches, jungles and good food. We also added a recovery day to ease you back into normal life and made sure that the hotels are nice and beds comfortable because you know, the floor or a stinky hostel aren't usually the best option, even if you are drunk.


Pool Party in Koh Phangan

Welcome dinner & Waterfall Party

Your adventure will start as soon as you arrive in Koh Phangan. We’ll pick you up from the port and bring you straight to the hotel ( If you have not booked your tickets to Koh Phangan yet, check out our “getting there” section for tips)

To get ready for the first party we’ll organize a great dinner with a selection of Thai and western dishes. After dinner you’ll join the Waterfall Party: DJ's, Fire Shows, Dancers, Acrobats, Glow Paint and a dance floor that doesn't stop until you do!

Jungle Party in Koh Phangan

Lost Paradise Beach & Jungle Experience Party

On the second day, we’ll spend the day on the beach in a place whose name says it all: Lost Paradise. A beautiful tropical beach with crystal clear water and pristine white sand. To make your stay more enjoyable we’ll also add in free snacks, water and refreshments ;)

Lunch will be on us and in the evening you’ll be free to go explore the local food scene and pick a place for dinner.

As the sun goes down the jungle will wake up and we’ll bring you to one of the coolest party on the island: the Jungle Experience. You will party surrounded by palm trees with international DJs and great music.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Slip and Fly & Full Moon Party

The third day will be the time to give it all you’ve got. It is the reason you came here and the reason this will be a day that you will not forget

To recover from the previous day’s party we’ll bring you to have some fun in the water at the Slip and Fly Party where the water slides will help you wake up and recover from the Jungle Party. We also recommend enjoying some cocktails to get warmed up for the Full Moon Party.

In the evening it will be beach (party) time. We’ll give you the tickets for the Full Moon Party and you’ll spend the night dancing, having fun, watching people play with fire and making friends.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan


The morning of day four will be free because, let’s face it, you’ll be hangover and there’s nothing better than laying in on the beach or by the pool doing nothing to recover. To help you get back into shape we have also included a traditional Thai massage.

In the afternoon it will be time for some more fun, but this time from a pool in a beautiful panoramic bar where you can watch the sunset while sipping fresh coconut water and enjoying beautiful panoramic views.

At night, you’ll go back to the hotel and get some much-needed rest.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Check out - time to say goodbye

On the last day the check out will be at 12:00. We’ll bring you back to the port and you’ll be on your way. Our team will be on hand to give you plenty of free tips, and if you aren’t sure of what to do next we’ll also be able to help you to organize your next destination, get you discounts for diving adventures, transports and many other things. Just ask ;) our job is to help you have fun, and we looove doing it.

What's included?



Real life human staff throughout the trip always available to help and advise


4 nights acommodation
Breakfast buffet everyday
Welcome dinner
Lost Paradise BBQ


To & from all parties, hotels and excursions
Pick up and drop off from the port


Waterfall Party
Jungle Experience
Fullmoon Party
Pool Party

New experiences

Visit to Lost Paradise beach
Thai massage
Slip and Fly


Loud music
Palm Trees everywhere
24/7 support

Parties are great, but eventually even the most hard-core party people need some rest and while you can technically sleep anywhere it is always better to have a nice, safe and clean place to chill.

And, of course, not just and nice place but one that is close to the beach where the party is taking place and that is easy to get to and from. Because the last thing you need when you are tired and, let's face it, drunk, is to hike for miles to get to your hotel or pay lots of money to get one of the very few taxis that are available.

This is why we have decided to include a nice hotel in our pack (not a hostel) complete with pools and good internet. You’ll be staying in the Buri Beach Resort, a 3 star hotel with great reviews and (as you can see) very nice rooms.


  • How does the deposit work?

    To book our pack you don’t have to pay in full from the start, we understand that life is hard, and money to relax may not be immediately available. Instead we give you the option to pay an initial (non refundable) deposit, and pay the rest at last 30 days before the trip. Don’t worry, we’ll email you a payment link

  • When do I have to pay the full amount?

    At least 30 days before the trip starts. We will send you a payment link when you book, so you will be able to do it anytime

  • Should I worry?

    Nah, don’t worry, be happy. You are in good hands ;)

  • Can I get a single room?

    Of course you can :) , we understand that sometimes privacy matters. If you'd like a single room just select the "private room" option in the booking process. If you have already booked and would like to add a single room WhatsApp us at +66886570837 with your name and travel dates or use the "contact us" section on our site to let us know.

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    If the world has turned against you and life just doesn’t want to let you party you can always decide to cancel. We will only charge you a service fee equivalent to the deposit payment for your trip and refund the rest. As long as you notify us at least 30 business days before the trip starts.

  • Can you help me reach the island?

    It’s your lucky day. We can, and we have created a page to help you book your trip to the island. Visit getting there page

  • Who are you ?

    We’re, of course, a bunch of party unicorns that are only visible under the full moon. We’re like the beach version of elves and instead of helping santa (or the hobbits) we help people to have an amazing Full Moon Party. That said, we’re also a registered and experienced travel agency in Thailand that specializes in trips for young, happy people.

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