Going to the Full Moon Party could be described as a pilgrimage... if pilgrimages were full of music, alcohol and amazing beaches. What we mean is that the Full Moon Party isn't just a party on a nice beach. It is one of those events that have built so much lore and tradition around them that they have become a sort of ritual for travellers.

It all started on Haad Rin beach on a full moon night. It was 1983 and a group of 20-30 people seeing the beauty of the full moon reflecting on the water decided to have an unforgettable party. The place and the party under the full moon light soon became legend and more and more people started coming.

Today, depending on the day, between 5 and 30 thousand people join the party on every full moon night and things like fluorescent paint and fire ropes have become almost a tradition.

As the party grew, so did the choice of hotels, parties and experiences, making it harder for travellers to know what to choose to have the best possible experience, and avoid ruining their trip. We have created this page to try to provide you with as much information as possible and to offer you an easy way out of the chaos: our full moon pack that already comes with carefully selected hotels, parties and experiences.


The entrance fee for the Full Moon Party is of 100 THB (approx 3 USD). The ticket comes in the form of a wrist band and helps paying for the cleanup of the beach. If you are one of the awesome people that bought our pack the ticket is included and our staff will take care of everything.


  • Beware of paint!

    The Full Moon Party has many traditions, and one of them is painting faces and bodies with bright fluorescent paint. When you get there it is very likely that someone will think you are not wearing enough of the stuff and will attempt to paint you. The paint is not easy to wash off clothes so don’t wear anything that you’d be upset if it got painted over.

  • Wear closed shoes

    There are A LOT of people partying on the beach and a lot of bottles of all types. It’s important to wear closed shoes that will protect you from broken glass and other party hazards. Flip-flops are a terrible idea.

    PS: Likewise high heels and ice skates are also a terrible idea - in case anyone thought they could walk on sand with them

  • Don’t play with fire (duh)

    Being drunk and attempting to jump a burning rope will sound great to your drunk mind (we promise), and lots of people do it, but we don’t recommend it. Keep in mind that even if you are sober and can jump without problems it is possible that some of the people that jump with you won’t be as skilled and will trip or knock you over.

  • Wear bright clothes

    Bright colors are a bit of a theme of the Full Moon Party and clothes are no exception. Many people will be (at least) half naked and painted but the clothes that you do use should be as bright as possible.

  • Don’t bring your passport to the party

    We recommend only bringing a photocopy of your passport to the party since it is quite easy to lose things and finding anything while at night on a beach full of partying people is not what you’d call easy or fun.

  • Watch your bucket !

    As in any party, it is important to keep an eye on your drink to make sure nobody slips in anything dangerous.

    Additionally, keep in mind that most of us aren’t used to drink from buckets and that normal clubs put very little alcohol in drinks. When you are drinking from a bucket things are very different and you need to keep it in mind if you want to remember anything that happened at the party.

  • Don’t do drugs

    And no, your mum didn’t pay us to write this. Thailand has very strict laws and penalties around drugs and there will be undercover police at the party. In jail, there’s no music and not much of a party mood.

  • Bring only what you need

    Take with you only the bare essentials and keep them with you at all time. The idea of the party is to have fun, and having to worry about losing your valuables or getting stuff stolen is no-fun. Embrace minimalism at least for one night, cleanse your soul and body from stuff you don’t need and you’ll be happy that other people didn’t cleanse your pockets of valuables on your behalf.


  • Tickets for the Full Moon Party

    The entrance fee for the Full Moon Party is of 100 THB (approx 3 USD). The ticket comes in the form of a wrist band and helps paying for the cleanup of the beach. If you are one of the awesome people that bought our pack the ticket is included and our staff will take care of everything.

  • When is the Full Moon Party?

    Shockingly, the Full Moon Party takes place every full moon (and it’s a party) but the exact dates may vary out of respects for local religious holidays. Click here to see a detailed calendar with the dates of all the upcoming Full Moon Party.

  • Getting to the Full Moon Party

    If you are an amazingly awesome person and have therefore decided to travel with us we’ll pick you up as soon as you get off the boat in Koh Phangan and take care of all your transfers. If you aren’t you can find more information on our getting there page.

  • Getting to Koh Phangan

    There are many ways to reach Koh Phangan and not all of them are equal. Swimming, for instance, is not recommended, boats tend to be a safer bet. We’d recommend you check out our getting there page to find the best itinerary for you.

  • How long does the party last?

    The whole night! Sunset to sunrise - or sometime before sunrise if you pass out, fall asleep or head to the hotel - it’s up to you.

  • Where does the Full Moon Party take place?

    On an amazing beach called Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan.

  • How do I get to the Full Moon Party?

    We’ll take you there! (if you are one of the awesome people that travel with us). Otherwise there are plenty of shared taxis called songthaew and prices vary between 100 and 300 THB depending on what part of the island you are travelling from.

  • Can I sleep on the beach?

    I mean, technically you “can” as long as you don’t expect to wake up with any of your clothes and/or any of your valuables. Overall it’s a terrible idea and there’s a reason why we include nice hotels in our pack and a full day to recover.

  • Are there bathrooms at the Full Moon Party?

    yup, and they are the only place where it is ok to do your things. They are cheap (only 100 THB - approx 3 USD). Using the beach as a toilet is not ok.

  • How much do drinks cost?

    At the Full Moon Party drinks come in buckets and each bucket costs around 150 Bahts. Of course these aren’t huge buckets - in fact, they look a lot like the ones used by kids on the beach - but they are still equivalent to at least 3 normal drinks so getting drunk is cheap and easy.

  • Where can I eat?

    Well, the question here is almost where can’t you eat because there’s a ton of restaurants and food stalls that sell every type of food that you can imagine from fried scorpions to burgers and salads. Prices vary a lot but overall Thailand is cheap and you won’t spend more than a few bucks per meal.

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