Since 1983

Hi there! Do you need a party?

We know a place...

A place where people dance with fire, where the music is loud, where drinks come in buckets and the full moon shines on a tropical beach. Welcome to the best beach party in the world, lots of bars, DJs and thousands of people like you that travel the world to come here, to Koh Phangan, to experience the legendary Full Moon Party.

Its only problem is that it only lasts one day. Unless, of course, you plan it well...

So here’s the deal. What if, instead of trying to organize it yourself at the last minute, you arrive a few days early? When you arrive you’ll find a nice hotel and a welcome dinner waiting for you. The day after, you’ll relax on a wonderful tropical beach and at night you’ll party again, but this time in the Jungle Experience.

On the third day the Full Moon and its party will work their magic and on the last day you’ll have a recovery day arranged for you, with plenty of rest, traditional Thai massages and fresh coconuts to make sure you come back looking almost like a person. Ah and we’ll make sure you sleep in a decent place so your mum doesn’t worry. If you want it, we have it ready for you.

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